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Oakville’s Edgewater Estates Teams-Up with H2 Systems Inc. To Offer Homeowners the Best in Home Theatre and Automation Solutions

Anthony DiCenzo (left) is a major investor with Edgewater Estates in Oakville, ON, and Clinton Howell is the founder and owner of H2 Systems Inc. in Burlington and sales representative with the Dan Cooper Group in Oakville.

By Paul Fitzgerald

Anthony DiCenzo stands tall - well over six feet.

He sports a blueish coloured checkered blazer, a neatly pressed white button-up collared shirt and dark stylish pants, and shoes that mean business.

After all, he too means business.

“So, if you are looking for a place to build a luxury home, then you’ve come to the right place,” says DiCenzo, who is the president and a major investor with Edgewater Estates in Oakville, ON. He also runs DiCenzo Homes, which was founded by his late father, Antonio, and is also a leading partner with his law firm, DiCenzo & Associates.  

He reaches out to give a handshake, a strong firm one, which is complimented with a contagious smile.

“This is living at its best – lakefront property that will soon house a remarkable new enclave of extraordinary luxury homes,” adds the real estate and development tycoon.

His voice is one of authority, salesmanship, camaraderie, and confidence, all combined into one.

You know he is a born success story.

It’s early morning and the new property his company recently purchased (jointly with DiCenzo Homes and the Molinaro Group) at 394 Lakeshore Road West is filled with all sorts of activity. 

The new community now offers 16 generous lots that will undoubtedly provide an unrivalled level of prestige, privacy and proximity to everything the Town of Oakville has to offer.

Nestled right next to Lake Ontario one quickly realizes that this new haven is certainly a remarkable investment for the soul.

The locale for DiCenzo’s new project is part of the historical Lambert-Smye Estate. He and his team fought long and hard to obtain the land and recently were finally given the green light to bring new light to the community that is only a stone’s throw away from downtown and the waterfront.

Surrounding the new the Lambert-Smye Estate home, which was built almost a century ago, are massive picturesque homes that will soon be completed. 
Building Smart Homes

And while DiCenzo is passionate about building luxury homes and building vibrant communities, he is staunchly committed to ensuring that his clientele are offered the best when it comes to entertainment, comfort, convenience and security.

This is why DiCenzo and his team are working closely with H2 Systems Inc. in Burlington - a company widely known for its excellence in offering the best in home theatre systems, home automation, home integration, and even home theatre décor for homeowners in the area.

Enter Clinton Howell, the founder and owner of H2 Systems Inc. and sales representative with the Dan Cooper Group in Oakville.

DiCenzo and Howell have long worked together and now H2 Systems Inc. is offering homeowners at the Edgewater Estates with all the right home theatre and home automation solutions.

“Working with Edgewater Estates is a very exciting initiative,” says Howell. “We are thrilled to be offering new homeowners in this dynamic area with home theatre and home automation solutions that will make their lives more entertaining, simpler and securer.”

DiCenzo says that while home theatre rooms and entertainment areas are popular sellers, more and more homeowners are also becoming tech-savvy and are quickly adapting to home automation systems.

“Homes are being built smarter now, and people are looking for efficient ways to control them on every level,” says DiCenzo. “It’s amazing what technology can do these days. With your smartphone or tablet you can literally be the master of your domain.”

DiCenzo credits H2 Systems Inc. for being frontrunners in offering the best in home automation technology.

“H2 Systems are leaders in their industry and they provide the best when it comes to home automation – it’s amazing what they are installing nowadays in new homes and homeowners just love it.”

Home automation is simple and easy to use. With your fingertips you can control just about anything in your home, whether you are home or not.  

You can control your appliances, automated locks, the lighting, the blinds, entertainment systems, and the thermostat and air conditioning. You can even view your security cameras in real time right from your smartphone.  

“Home automation provides that extra piece of mind and new homeowners moving into the Edgewater Estates will certainly utilize the services of H2 Systems Inc. - I have and always will myself,” smiles DiCenzo.

DiCenzoand Howell have a long history of working together and they have plenty in common. 

Committed To Community Outreach

Both are successful business leaders in the community, and more importantly they are popular philanthropists as each of them knows the value of giving back to the community they live and work in.

DiCenzo and his family recently donated $1-million to the St. Jospeh’s Healthcare facility in Hamilton. The hospital’s diagnostic imaging centre was renamed in his father and mother’s honour. The facility has now been renamed the Antonio and Maria DiCenzo Diagnostic Imaging Centre. DiCenzo and his business are also active in supporting a wide variety of other community outreach initiatives.

Howell and his company have long been active in supporting Easter Seals, The Burlington Performing Arts Centre, Smilezone, and the Joseph Brant Hospital Foundation.

Howell and his team are now busy installing home theatre and home automation systems in the new homes being built at the Edgewater Estates.

“This is an exciting venture working with Anthony and new homeowners,” says Howell. “This is going to be a vibrant and unique community and we are so pleased to be a part of its growth and development on many levels.”

Where The Past Meets The Future

DiCenzo offers up a tour of the lots and of course the Lambert-Smye Historical Residence. Part of the century-old home is where the Edgewater Estate offices and presentation centre is located. A good portion of the home is still untouched – almost like an old museum in its own right.

DiCenzo takes time to show the home. Wallpaper and old heaters from years gone by have remained untouched. Even on the walls of a small cubby hole below the stairs bear signatures from people who lived there over the many years. It’s all fascinating to see their names and comments posted in different hand writing that spans more than a lifetime ago.

“We have worked hard to obtain the approvals for this land and our commitment to maintaining its heritage was always a part of that,” says DiCenzo. “The homes being built here will be new and modern but will still be developed and designed with a theme of the past. The Lambert-Smye Estate remains untouched in its original location and at the nexus of historic trails to the waterfront.””

Moving forward, DiCenzo knows new homeowners will certainly enjoy the services being offered by H2 
Systems Inc. 

“People now want to embrace new technology and utilize it so their lives are less complex,” says DiCenzo. “Home automation makes life easier and home theatre systems makes life more entertaining. This is what H2 Systems is offering our home buyers and we are very pleased to be working with them.”

Howell states, “Working here is like being a part of history and the future. It’s all very exciting in many ways and we look forward to meeting new homeowners and looking after their home theatre and home automation needs.”

DiCenzo leaves with another big handshake and a smile.

Of course his salesmanship and outgoing personality ends the interview right on the money.

His eyes are filled with passion and excitement.

“Like I said, we got some lots for sale to build your next dream home. Hurry up, they are going fast,” he laughs.

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