Friday, November 1, 2013

New Technology with Home Security Systems Keeps Homeowners Tuned In H2 Systems Inc. in Burlington offers expert advice on keeping security safe in hand

By Paul Fitzgerald, Special to the QMI Agency (story included in Sun Media – The Toronto Sun and The Edmonton Sun)

Mitch Spencer enjoys having an elaborate home security and surveillance system in the palm of his hand.

The Toronto resident has his home security and surveillance system on him at all times - morning, noon and night.

And it’s all done by his cellphone.

There’s no doubt about it, technology is an amazing thing nowadays.

Up early and in the driveway getting ready to leave for work in the city’s financial district, he arms his home security system from his cellphone.

Gone are the days of punching buttons on a keypad.

While at work or on business trips, he gets alerts when a door opens.

He can also monitor every entrance and room in his home through his trusty phone.

If he receives an alert of a door opening at an odd time of the day, he clicks on a simple button to obtain a high quality video clip with ‘zoom in and out options.’

“There is my brother dropping off complimentary Toronto Maple Leaf tickets,” says the 42 year-old while displaying the video on his phone.

And even when Spencer is at home, his security and surveillance system keeps him in tune of what’s going on at all times.

“I will admit it, I feel safer with new technology,” he says. “When I am work, or away, or at home, I have that extra added feeling of security on many levels.”

Clinton Howell, a well-known professional in home security and surveillance systems in Toronto and across the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), says an increasing number of homeowners are installing home security systems and utilizing new technology as a means to keep their homes and communities safer.

“No community is 100% safe, but homeowners are being pro-active in protecting their properties and families by having home security and surveillance systems installed, reducing the risk of break-ins, says Howell, founder and owner of H2 Systems Inc in Burlington, ON.  

“The technology currently available in home security and surveillance systems is rather amazing. Motion sensors, infrared cameras and contact sensors have advanced to the point where people can monitor and control their security system through their iPhone and Smart Phones as well, giving them peace of mind 24/7,” he says. “Not only do security systems increase your comfort level about safety, but they also add value to your home.”

When it comes to surveillance, Howell suggests using Watchnet NVR (Network Video Recorder) and Watchnet DVR (Digital Video Recorder) as both offer full remote access with iPhone, iPad, and Android apps.

Watchnet, Arecont and Vivotek IP cameras are basic systems which he also highly recommends and which provide great quality and pricing. 

He also says that for burglary and safety the DSC Power Series is a great tool for safety and comfort.

“Just about every system out there can be integrated with motion and contact sensors and motion activated lights,” says Howell. “Whatever your needs are the technology is available and easy to use and monitor.”

There are many options when it comes to acquiring a security and surveillance system, according to Howell.

“Do some research and speak to a professional who can assist you in identifying what you need.”

“Everyone knows that home break-ins are a reality,” says Howell. “Using new technology that is easy to operate through a cellphone makes communities safer places to live.”

H2 Systems Inc. is a household name in Burlington and across the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

This month they were nominated for the Business Excellence Award from the Burlington Chamber of Commerce.

And only a few weeks ago the popular home theatre and home integration company scooped the Gold Award for $101,000 to $150,000 in Best Technical Design, and the Bronze Award for $100,000 and under in Best Technical Design from CEDIA (The Custom Design & Installation Association). The Burlington company was presented with both awards in Denver, CO and the awards ceremony is considered to be the Oscars for those involved in the home theatre and home integration industry.

H2, which specializes in Home Theatre and Home Integration, is the next generation in the home theatre and home integration. H2 Systems Inc. has also won five CEDIA Electronic Lifestyle Awards in its past four years of operation; two in 2010; two in 2011; and one in 2012. The company is now a household name in Burlington, across Halton and the Greater Toronto Area. 

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