Thursday, August 27, 2015

Shout If you Need Legal Help: Unveils Matching-Making Service for Lawyers and Clients

Senai Iman, who is a lawyer and one of the co-founders of
“Every minute in Canada someone needs a lawyer and we have created a one-stop-shop to connect lawyers with new clients.”

By Paul Fitzgerald 
Online dating sites have long been a unique tool for men and women to discover love, romance, dating, and friendship.

However a new Toronto, ON, start-up company is taking the match-making game to a whole new level.

You see, is taking the online model of dating and is using it to connect lawyers with potential clients.

“We are tapping into a very niche market and we are excited to offer a very distinct and unique service for lawyers in Toronto and right across Canada,” says Senai Iman, who is a lawyer and one of the co-founders of “Every minute in Canada someone needs a lawyer and we have created a one-stop-shop to connect lawyers with new clients.”

The match-making service is easy to use.

Lawyers and law firms just have to sign up and register and fill out a profile so they are synced into CeelDeel’s system.

All consumers have to do is visit CeelDeel, login and create a ‘Shout.’ Each user can create a ‘Shout’ via their smartphone, tablet or desktop. Once a user creates a ‘Shout’ asking for legal help, lawyers are automatically notified by email and prompted to make them an offer. Yes, lawyers automatically compete to get your business.  

Consumers can filter offers from lawyers and firms by location, pricing and user ratings. As well, consumers can also browse reviews of law firms that belong to the CeelDeel consumer network.

So why are Iman and his team offering this new and unique service to online users?

“We have done extensive consumer behaviour research and have discovered that people who need lawyers no longer have the time to search the endless list of lawyer directories or search engine lookups,” says Iman. “People seeking help from legal professionals want one website they can go to and connect with a lawyer right away.”

He adds, “At the same time, lawyers and law firms want a more a more one-stop-shop approach where they can find more easily without taking previous time away from legal work.”

CeelDeel is free to register for lawyers. When a shout is made for legal services, CeelDeel presents lawyers with an opt-in charge if they decide to make an offer to a shout that matches their area of practice and availability

Presently there are hundreds of online directories for lawyers, and when you search for a lawyer in your area on Google, or any search engine for that matter, chances are you will get page after page of law firms promoting their services.

“People don’t have time to fish the internet looking for a lawyer,” says Iman. “What we have done is made everyone’s life much easier and simpler. You just visit our website and create a ‘Shout” and lawyers come directly to you.”

The online match-making service is a big plus for lawyers. “Lawyers and firms will now enjoy being a member of one specific website where they can attract new business and take on more cases. Our service is far more effective than the traditional forms of advertising for lawyers," says Iman.

CeelDeel also offers the same ‘Shout’ service for an array of industries. Since launching only a few months ago its user base - consumers and businesses, including law firms - only continues to grow in a big way.

“Our new site is a win-win for everyone,” says Iman. “Users get access to the best lawyers that suit their needs and in turn law firms have the opportunity to obtain new clients right in their own backyard.”


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