Saturday, November 9, 2013

Patient of Burlington Medical Clinic Lands on the Dr. Oz Show

Burlington - Kerry Rommens has a pretty unique adventure story on how she lost nearly 100 lbs. The patient of Wharton Medical Clinic in Burlington, ON, set out to improve her health and appearance only a couple of years ago.
She has more than achieved her goal. And today her weight loss journey story is now being shared with millions of people from across North America.
You see, this afternoon Rommens will appear on the Dr. Oz Show out of New York City where she will talk about her determination to lose weight.
The Dr. Oz Show airs locally on CTV out of the Big Apple.
“I decided that I would no longer be ‘fat and fifty’”, says Rommens during an interview this morning. “I had been fat my whole adult life. I was 185lbs when I married, and up from there with each of my two children.”
She attempted just about everything to get rid of her fat. From dieting to deprivation, nothing seemed to work effectively.
Then she heard about the Wharton Medical Clinic in downtown Burlington. The clinic is well known for specializing in weight loss and diabetes management. The clinic has many success stories from patients from all walks of life. The clinic is also free to use as it is OHIP funded.
The rest is history.
She went to see Dr. Sean Wharton, who ever since has guided her in helping her lose unwanted fat.
Rommens explains that the process of losing weight was actually all quite simple.
“Dr. Wharton informed me that I was a disorganized eater,” she says. Wow, that really resonated with me. I ate all of my calories, every day, between 1 pm and 7 pm. This all had to change.”
She followed Dr. Wharton’s program religiously, eating real food, planning meals and putting thought into every bite for a long-term change.
Within no time Rommens says her weight started coming off quickly. Within 18 months she had lost 75lbs and soon that turned out to be nearly 100lbs.
“Dr. Wharton gave me some great words of wisdom. He told me was that fat has a memory. Once you have that fat cell, it waits to be filled again. That scared me straight.”
Maintenance is a serious business, so she made sure to make the right food choices while getting exercise on a regular weekly plan.
Her 50th birthday was a joyous occasion. For the first time ever she wore a lovely fitted cocktail dress.
While she has frequently been attending sessions with Dr. Wharton, she knew she had to share her success story with others.  
She learned that the Dr. Oz Show was seeking to interview women who lost weight after the age of 40. Sure enough, she contacted the producers of the show and this afternoon she will be on the show sharing her weight loss success story.
“Arriving at the studio, I met 9 other women who had lost weight and our common histories instantly bonded us,” she says during a phone interview. “Dr. Oz is warm and genuine. For today’s show we all had to wear sports bras and yoga pants.”
“I never would have imagined wearing this on TV three years ago,” laughs Rommens.
She adds, “A bit like Cinderella, I am back in my work boots now and feeling pretty proud of myself.”
Dr. Wharton himself is extremely impressed with Rommens determination.
“She has a tremendous amount of inner strength,” says Dr. Wharton. “From the get-go, she was determined to lose weight, and keep it off. I am very proud of her."
“At the Wharton Medical Clinic, we have a unique mission in mind for all our patients. Essentially we focus on helping patients achieve their best weight and living healthier lifestyles when it comes to eating the right foods and being active.”

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By: Paul Fitzgerald


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