Thursday, April 10, 2014

Better Bite, Better Gains: Fitness Expert

By Paul Fitzgerald, Special to the QMI Agency 

At local gyms and fitness studios there is always chatter among people on how they can improve their performance. 

Taking the workout to a whole new level is an innocent addiction among bodybuilders and workout buffs alike. It always has been, always will be. 

From new ways of exercising, to dieting and nutrition plans, to new supplements, there is never a shortage of tips and information as well as new products on the market. 

However, Ania Anvaryfar, a popular fitness coach and nutrition specialist based in downtown Toronto, says there’s a new and simple solution out there now for getting better gains in your game. 

In fact it’s so simple some just might not believe it. 

You see, it involves proper jaw alignment, according Anvaryfar. 

“That’s right, when your jaw is better aligned, you perform better on so many levels,” she says. 

“When I first tell people about the benefits of jaw alignment, they don’t get it. Then once they do, they are sold in a heartbeat.” 

Anvaryfar is now educating her clients and athletes at sports expos and festivals locally and globally on the benefits of proper jaw alignment. 

“Having a better bite reduces grinding, relieves muscle tension in the face and naturally improves your overall strength, balance, flexibility and range of motion,” says the owner of A2 Fitness Inc. “And a better bite also helps alleviate a plethora of neck and back pains.” 

So then, how does one get that correct bite they need in order to perform better and feel better? 

There are all sorts of new oral devices out there on the market, in fact hundreds for that matter. 

A case in point is the New Age Performance mouthpiece that Anvaryfar uses. 

It’s a small sport orthotic but it does wonders on many levels, she says. 

“You simply place the device on your lower teeth and it instantly brings your jaw into its optimal position,” she explains. “When you jaw is better aligned, well then your body is more in tune and your performance greatly improves.” 

Sure, it may sound all like hocus pocus – almost like a great gimmick in the making. 

But think again. 

The benefits of jaw alignment is becoming a more front and centre topic these days among amateur and professional athletes alike who train hard and workout. 

And keep in mind that most of the population actually has a bite issue. 

Take the recent study by Rutgers University as an example. The esteemed institution via its sports and athletes research division have released a study on proper jaw alignment and concluded it has a beneficial impact on overall athletic performance. 

Anvaryfar has learned that there have been a lot of scientific studies on performance mouthpieces and jaw alignment dating back to the 1950s. 

“Several research and scientific papers have clearly stated that when one’s bite is in the correct position, the alignment of your body is also affected in a positive way. Better balance, increased strength, and flexibility, is what most people will experience.” 

Anvaryfar encourages everyone to learn more about the benefits of having a better bite. 

“There’s a slew of sport orthotics out on the market, so check them out. Try them and go with the one that works best for you,” she says. “The power of jaw alignment is truly amazing – it’s natural and it works.” 

She adds, “Sure, there are plenty of skeptics out there who are quick to criticize the benefits of having a better bite. But tell that to the thousands of people who are now using reputable sport orthotics and who are taking their performance to a whole new level.” 

Source: CNN iReport

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