Tuesday, April 15, 2014

H2 Systems Inc. Founder and Owner Highlights New Trends in Home Theatre Seating

By Paul Fitzgerald - From fabric seats to leather recliners, Clinton Howell offers tips on getting the right chairs for your home theatre or media room

Seating comfort and viewing angles are critical in a home theatre, according to Clinton Howell, founder and owner of H2 Systems Inc. in Burlington, ON.

The most theatre-like experience is where each person has their own seat, complete with table or cup holder.

“Seating choices run from recliners to theater seats and can include couches and love seats,” says Howell. “Seats can be movable or mounted and in just about any material that meets your design scheme. What is important is that they are comfortable. Most movies last over two hours, and any seating should allow comfort for long periods.”

H2 Systems Inc., located on Harvester Road, just recently unveiled its expansion and the launch of its new Experience Centre, a first of its kind in Canada. While the entire facility is wired with the latest and greatest in home theatre and home integration technologies, a large space is devoted to showcasing an array of seating options.

“Reclining seats are ideal,” suggests Howell during an interview at H2 Systems Inc. headquarters. “They allow custom seating angles and also adjust to viewing of the screen from different distances. For this reason, recliners are a popular option. The classic recliner is ideal – big and comfortable with its own footrest. Some models now have built-in drink holders.”

If you're ready to choose theatre seats, here are some features you should consider: Durable and easy to clean; Reclines with "zero wall clearance" to not interfere with seating or walls behind it; Substantial in weight or floor mountable; Comfortable for long seating sessions; Has built-in drink holder or storage

Premiere Popcorn machines are a classic that provide the look, and smell, of a movie theatre, says Howell.

“In addition to seating, other elements are important to have in a home theatre. A popcorn stand, concession stand and even theatre ‘now showing’ marquee all good to add to the entertainment experience,” he says.

When planning your home theatre layout, remember that even such theater accessories require power connections and lighting for use. It is good to think through which items you wish to have, where they will be in the room and plan for power and lighting for them early in the process.

Theatre accessories can be found in a variety of places, but there are many online sources that have a wide selection. You will be surprised how many varieties of popcorn makers and concession stands are available.

“Get creative and go with seating needs that suit your budget,” says Howell. “Most of all have fun. Having the seating you want will ensure you and your family, as well as your guests, are comfortable and entertained. Home theatres and media rooms are now more important than ever as they prove to bring families and friends closer together – it’s a unique bonding experience.”

H2, which specializes in Home Theatre and Home Integration, is the next generation in the home theatre and home integration. H2 Systems Inc. has also won five CEDIA Electronic Lifestyle Awards in its past four years of operation; two in 2010; two in 2011; one in 2012; and two in 2013. The company is now a household name in Burlington, across Halton and the Greater Toronto Area.

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