Friday, April 11, 2014

Sudbury IFFB Pro and Arnold Champ Named 2014 New Age Performance Sponsored Athlete

By Paul Fitzgerald, The London Free Press/The Sudbury Star

Jessica MacMillan-Falls is making a real name for herself these days.

Last month she was crowned best at the World’s Top Figure Competition at the Arnold Sports Festival, which earned her an International Federation of Bodybuilding (IFBB) Pro Athlete Card. There were over 600 top amateurs vying for this unique designation.

And today, the New Age Performance Group announced that she is a 2014 Sponsored Athlete for the company, which is an honour on many levels.

“The New Age Performance Team is thrilled to have Jessica on board,” says Rob Charlton, co-owner the popular company based out of Mississauga, ON. “Being named a Sponsored Athlete only solidifies Jessica’s leadership and commitment to the Figure industry and her staunch dedication with community outreach.”

MacMillan-Falls says she is elated to be given such a title.

“Words just can’t describe how I feel with being named as a member of the New Age Performance Team,” she says. “This is a unique and rare opportunity and marks a truly unique chapter in my career.”

The New Age Performance offers a unique and cutting-edge mouthpiece. The New Age Performance Mouthpiece is based on the principals of neuromuscular dentistry. The device is placed on your lower jaw, placing it in its optimal position.

Years of scientific research proves that when your jaw is aligned, it has positive benefits on the body.

Take the recent study by Rutgers University as an example. The esteemed institution via its sports and athletes research division have released a study on proper jawalignment and concluded it has a beneficial impact on overall athletic performance.

MacMillan-Falls is now using the device during her workouts in the gym and she is more than impressed with the results.

I feel better, more alive, stronger, and I have better balance, strength, flexibility and overall range of motion,” she says. “This device even helps alleviate pain of sorts which is an added bonus.”

MacMillan-Falls has always been into fitness and sports. While in high school she religiously played volleyball and running cross country.
However in 2002 she was involved in a car accident that injured her neck and back.
She found herself in constant pain and exhausted every avenue for options in full recovery.
It was then that a friend suggested that she look into strength training as a remedy. Intrigued with the idea, MacMillan-Falls got into the gym and she was hooked right away.
The rest is history.
By 2008 she had that true athletic moment calling to become a competitive bodybuilder. She set her sights on being a serious, natural competitor and a positive role model for women and girls of all ages.
MacMillan-Falls has been receiving all sorts of awards at many notable Figure competitions provincially and globally. She recently won the first place Figure Award from the Ontario Physique Association (OPA) and placed second overall at the 2013 IFBB North American Championships in Pittsburgh PA.
The list of notables using the New Age device is impressive. They include: Andew “Cobra” Rhodes, star on AMC’s Game of Arms; Jill Bunny who owns Team Bunny: Fit Bunnies Fitness and who was the only Canadian to place in the Top 5 for the Bikini Class F Competition at the 2014 Arnold Sports Festival; Ania Anvaryfar of A2 Fitness Inc. who just crowned the second place winner in the World’s Top Figure Competition the 2014 Arnold Sports Festival; and Peter Czerwinski, known as the popular ‘Furious Pete,’ who once battled against anorexia and was hospitalized at the Toronto Sick Kids Hospital and recovered through bodybuilding. There are also a large number of athletes in all sports biting on this new technology.

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