Sunday, March 16, 2014

Calgary Author Launches A Forest Tale: New book expected to be a big hit

By Paul Fitzgerald - A new book that takes your imagination to a whole new level is expected to get an unprecedented amount of attention here in Canada and beyond.

You see, author Bill Murphy has only just launched his new book, A Forest Tale (iUniverse - 2014) and readers already are taking a real liking to the book – in bookstores and online.

Murphy’s book tells the story of an ambitious eagle named Bill and his plans to change life in the Forest forever with the creation of the “Forest Wide Web.”
So, what’s all the rave with the new book?

“This is the first startup fable ever written, to my knowledge. I use animals so that the reader can go inside the mind of the entrepreneur, really get to see the struggle that happens there, as the entrepreneur’s ego fights to take control. It’s truly a mental journey that the book takes you on. You see, what most would be entrepreneurs miss is the fact that building any business is about relationships and the mental games, not so much the product, service or market share. It’s why investors invest in teams, people, or in this case animals,” says the author during an interview from Calgary.

He adds, “I think readers, especially the business oriented crowd, want something out of the ordinary, and my unique fable offers just that, at least that’s what I’m hearing from early fans.”

In the book, the character Bill teams up with a co-worker, Mary the Crow, and a client, Thomas the Bear, and sets out to make his mark in the Forest. From raising investment capital for his start-up and hiring the team, to working with lawyers and boards of directors, A Forest Tale is filled with the ins and outs of turning a business dream into full-blown reality. Bill quickly learns that the task of creation is much more difficult than he’d imagined. Meeting and balancing the daily demands from friends and family and co-workers and investors seems impossible. As Bill struggles to fulfill his growing list of commitments and to do it all, his inspiring vision blurs and the joy of creation turns to despair. Can he possibly recover after so many wrong turns?

Bill the Eagle’s story is a startup fable that entertainingly shares the growing pains of entrepreneurship.

A Forest Tale will keep you smiling, make your heart heavy at times, but ultimately give you hope that anything is possible.

Murphy is a Chartered Accountant and serial entrepreneur. He is one of the Founders of Wagepoint, an innovative HR Technology Applications Company with offices in Canada and the USA. He is also President of GBL, an actuarial consulting firm with Head Offices in Calgary, where he lives with his wife Donna.

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