Sunday, March 16, 2014

Well, Imagine That: That Work and Life Balance Thing Just got Easier

By Paul Fitzgerald

Many of us know the reality of the bustling city life: the commute, the traffic, the long work day of meetings and juggling multiple projects, the cell phone calls, emails, texts, and then of course family needs are thrown into the mix.

These days finding the time for everything seems like a challenge, especially for those who have children, or are in need of adult or elder care.

Employees nowadays have that added stress of meeting demanding deadlines while looking after their families.

The true reality is that many people are in need of back-up care for when they experience temporary disruptions in child, adult, or elder care that prevents them from fulfilling work obligations.

But don’t despair, there’s a solution to all that.

You see, Imagine That Child Care Services has just expanded to offer back up care for individuals of all ages - children, adults and seniors, under the umbrella of Imagine That Family Care Services.

The services, a first of its kind, means employers can now set up Imagine That Corporate Family Backup Care for their employees.

“We are expanding our services to meet the changing times,” says Bill Carty, Managing Director of Imagine That Family Care Services.

“Our services offer employers and employees alike with that added piece of mind. Through the support of our professionally trained staff, employees now have the opportunity to utilize back-up care services like no other so that they can meet necessary work commitments.”

Carty adds, “Our services are a new business tool and we provide exceptional care for people of all ages in a confidential manner.”

The wide range of Imagine That Family Care Services is available to individuals and families living in or traveling to Toronto and the GTA.

Anne Bonfigli, Director Sales & Marketing for Imagine That Family Care Services, indicates the expansion in the company’s services is necessary in today’s 24/7 digital-like world.

“Most importantly, our extensive services for family care are about supporting employees while helping keep work absenteeism to a minimum,” explains Bonfigli.

“People out there want to excel in their careers and now we have implemented a support system in place that covers employees from all walks of life –from the trades and labour, to professionals, and all the way to Bay Street.”

The family care services are cost effective and flexible and they are offered round the clock, 365 days per year. And the services will no doubt help foster happier workplaces.

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