Thursday, March 27, 2014

By Paul Fitzgerald

A new technological marvel is set to be featured at one of the most talked about events in town.

You see, this Thursday night, March 27, 2014, Hollie Blue is hosting a networking event from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm, at the Sugar Room above Spice Lounge and Tapas at 52 Lakeshore Road in Port Credit, ON.

But wait, this is not just your average networking event. The night is special in that it will bring out those from top health related businesses, industry leaders and Pro MMA fighters - Adam Assenza, Alex Ricci, and Elias Theodorou.
And it gets even better. This event will also feature the New Age Performance Mouthpiece, a new sport orthotic that is a real game changer for athletes.

“We are very excited to be a part of the Hollie Blue Networking event as this is our opportunity to educate health professionals and athletes alike about power of our device,” says Rob Charlton, co-owner of the New Age Performance Mouthpiece.
“Our device is getting tones of attention locally and globally so we want to share with others the benefits of our natural sports enhancer.”

The New Age Performance is now hailed as a leading natural sports enhancer. The science behind this new sport orthotic is simply unreal. And the results it gives, is purely mind blowing.

Also in attendance will be Dr. Anil Makkar, the co-inventor of the device.
The New Age Performance Mouthpiece is placed on the back of your lower teeth. Once it’s locked in, your jaw alignment is more structurally sound. Years of research has proven that when your jaw is properly aligned, then your body is more able to reach its ultimate performance. Most of the population has a bite issue, so this new technology is a breakthrough on many levels.

Rutgers University recently released a research paper on proper jaw alignment and concluded it has a definite positive impact on athletic performance.

Dr. Makkar has studied jaw alignment techniques extensively at the Las Vegas Institute (LVI) for Advanced Dentistry, and explains that there have been a lot of scientific studies on performance mouthpieces and jaw alignment dating back to the 1950s.

“Several research and scientific papers have clearly stated that when one’s bite is in the correct position, the alignment of your body is also affected in a positive way. Our new device, worn on the lower teeth, will allow everyone to experience immediate results with balance, increased strength, and flexibility,” says Dr. Makkar, a well-known neuromuscular dentist.

“The invention is all about speed, strength, skill and precision, and there’s that moment it all comes together. Alignment, balance, power – that’s the New Age Performance difference,” adds Dr. Makkar.

New Age Performance team members will also be at this Thursday night’s big event. They include ‘Furious Pete,’ and Ania Anvaryfar of A2 Fitness Inc.
The New Age Performance Mouthpiece was also just featured at this year’s 2014 Arnold Sports Festival held in Columbus, OH.

The list of notables using the new device is impressive. They include: Andew “Cobra” Rhodes, star on AMC’s Game of Arms; Jill Bunny who owns Team Bunny: Fit Bunnies Fitness and who was the only Canadian to place in the Top 5 for the Bikini Class F Competition at the 2014 Arnold Sports Festival; Ania Anvaryfar of A2 Fitness Inc. who just crowned the second place winner in the World’s Top Figure Competition the 2014 Arnold Sports Festival; and Peter Czerwinski, known as the popular ‘Furious Pete,’ who once battled against anorexia and was hospitalized at the Toronto Sick Kids Hospital and recovered through bodybuilding. There are also a large number of athletes in all sports biting on this new technology.

Source: Examiner

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