Friday, March 21, 2014

First it was God, then a mouthpiece

Ryan Moody has had some close calls in life. 

At age 8 he experienced a serious cycling accident that took out nearly all his teeth, also causing serious neck and back problems. Then a decade later while on a working mission trip in Portugal he fell nearly 10 feet after dunking a basketball, falling on the back of his head and neck, almost paralyzing him for life. 

Call it an act of God or a higher power if you will, but Moody walked away from both accidents. 

He’s a survivor, there’s no doubt about it. But enduring these types of accidents comes with a hefty price tag: severe pain forever. 

The 29 year-old who has won the Guinness World Record for highest box jump, lives in pain every day from the accidents he has endured. 

However, the world renowned box jumper has just discovered a new sport orthotic that he knows will help him remain a champ worldwide and more importantly help him alleviate the pain he suffers day in and day out. 

It’s called the New Age Performance Mouthpiece and Moody is now using the device religiously. Why? Because it allows him to jump higher and his pain is significantly reduced. 

“I tried it out at the Arnold Sports Festival,” says Moody during an interview from Salt Lake City, Utah. “When I popped the device in my mouth, I noticed a difference right away on many levels. Now I am using it for my workouts and when box jumping. I am just blown away with the positive results that I am experiencing when using it. Words just can’t even describe how impressed I am with this new technology.” 

At this year’s Arnold Sports Festival, Moody truly experienced the power of the mouthpiece and made history. He broke three records in the Guinness World Records and the World Records Academy: Left Leg Jump, 50.5in; Right Leg Jump, 50.5in; and Most Box Jumps in one minute (he did 18, which is unheard of in history). 

He credits the invention for his success. While the Guinness World Records and the World Records Academy follow tight guidelines in analyzing scores and assessing results, the official word on his performance will be released by mid to late April, according to both esteemed organizations. The data is all in and collected and no one has done what Moody pulled off at Arnold Show. 

Moody also holds eight world records in the jumping category: Highest Standing Box Jump, 63in; Highest Running Box Jump, 72in; Highest Vertical Jump onto a Platform; The most 50 Inch Box Jumps in 1 Minute; Highest Seated Box Jump, 60in; Highest Single Leg Box Jump Left; Highest Single Leg Box Right; and Youngest Human to jump and land their own height. 

Moody now has his sights set on winning another Guinness World Record this year. To earn it, he has to box jump 65 inches from a standing position. He is set to take on the challenge. 

He knows the power behind neuromuscular dentistry is a new game changer for him, professionally and personally. 

“Once I place the sport orthotic on my lower jaw I instantly feel relief from tension in my facial muscles,” he says. “I also experience great improvement in my overall power, strength and agility. This mouthpiece has changed my life and it’s going to change other people’s, that’s for sure.” 

The science behind the device is more than impressive. It’s placed on the back of your lower teeth. Once it’s locked in, your jaw alignment is more structurally sound. Years of research has proven that when your jaw is properly aligned, then your body is more able to reach its ultimate performance. Most of the population has a bite issue, so this new technology is a breakthrough on many levels. 

Rutgers University recently released a research paper on proper jaw alignment and concluded it has a definite positive impact on athletic performance. 

Dr. Anil Makkar, the co-inventor of the device and one who has studied jaw alignment techniques extensively at the Las Vegas Institute (LVI) for Advanced Dentistry, explains that there have been a lot of scientific studies on performance mouthpieces and jaw alignment dating back to the 1950s. 

“Several research and scientific papers have clearly stated that when one’s bite is in the correct position, the alignment of your body is also affected in a positive way. Our new device, worn on the lower teeth, will allow everyone to experience immediate results with balance, increased strength, and flexibility,” says Dr. Makkar, a well-known neuromuscular dentist. 

Rob Charlton, co-owner of the company, is thrilled to learn that Moody is utilizing this new technology to perform better and to help alleviate pain. 

“Ryan’s experience with our device is simply amazing,” says Charlton. “And most of all we are thrilled that he is turning to our sport orthotic to remain the best box jumper in the world and we are also pleased to hear that our technology is helping reduce pain he encounters due to his serious accidents in the past.” 

By Paul Fitzgerald

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